• 12 inch super handwriting area
  • A key to clear, the battery can be replaced, environmental paperless new choice
  • Flexible LCD technology, scratch durabl
  • Stand up and display new features, advertising kanban simple
  • Back when the mouse pad can also be used as a ruler
  • Name: Green Board 12 "electronic board
  • Contents: 12-inch cardboard X1, stylus X1
  • Material: non-toxic plastic shell scratch-resistant electronic paper
  • Size: 280.25 * 185 * 4.8mm
  • Weight: 188g
  • Color: Fashion black, modern red, elegant blue
  • Input pressure: 10 ~ 20g
  • Battery: CR2016 button battery
  • Reflectivity: 25% ~ 30%
  • Contents: 12-inch greenboard X1, stylus X1

Do not apply excessive pressure or use tools that can damage the writing surface.
This paragraph tablet does not have storage capabilities.
The company warranty for one year.


Green Board 12"
All New Green Board 12” Writing Tablet

Graffiti painting, message memo, notebook, paperless office, mouse pad, measuring tape

★ Green Boad electronic board gives you a new sense of writing, like a pencil writing real strokes
★ 12 inch large handwriting area, you can write more than 50000 times

Stand up for new features, Green Board paperboard transfiguration message billboards
Green Board 12-inch back can be used as a mouse pad, measuring ruler
No paper new choice, Green Board electronic board save a lot of paper, readily environmental protection

Restaurant, Cafe
Green Board 12-inch electronic board can stand function, transfiguration as the counter or table plate and menu billboard.
Business people
Paperless office, environmental technology.
Green Board electronic board can replace the sticky notes, note paper, easy notes and record important work, not only save a lot of paper, but also a good tool for business commentary products.
Use Green Board electronic boards on the court for tactical inferences, data records, defensive placement notes and offensive tactics and position instructions.
Next to the telephone, put the Green Board electronic board on the table, keep notes at any time to be done, shopping list and intimate exhortations, the family size love to use.
Children, Students
Green Board electronic board can replace the whiteboard, blackboard, away from the toxin black and white board. Can also be used as calculation of paper or drawing paper, doing arithmetic calculus, practice writing, it is a good helper to memorize words and texts.