• Diving cloth material completely covered
  • Letter interpolation design, easy to take
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Name: Green Board Electronic board dedicated letter insert type protective sleeve
  • Material: Neoprene diving cloth
  • Style: 8.5 inches, 12 inches
  • Color: Obsidian black
  • Size: 8.5 inches (25.5x16.5x0.5cm)
             12 inches (29.5x19x0.5cm)
  • Applicable: 8.5 inch -8.5 Green Board / 8.5 boogie board / 8.5 boogie board jot
                     12 inch -12 Green Board / 10.5 boogie board / 9.7 boogie board sync
Protective case

• Water repellent, scratch-resistant, dust-proof, dirt-resistant, multi-functional protection
• Submersible cloth material, soft and flexible, completely covered
• Letter-inserted design for easy access
• Lightweight, easy to carry
• Super-soft, storage-free space
• Simple and trendy
◆Neoprene material. Intimate protection
Special Neoprene material, soft touch, full flexibility, high cushioning, providing more stringent protection; GreenBoard electronic paperboard dedicated letter insert protective sleeve not only water repellent, scratch-resistant, dust-proof, dirt more durable.
◆Letter interpolation design. Simple and stylish

GreenBoard electronic special protective cover letter inserted design, simple chain washing; no zipper, buckle design, take more convenient.
◆Tailored. Perfect fit

Scuba diving cloth and high elasticity material, the tablet can be tightly wrapped to prevent the slide; use of its soft texture, tailored tailor-made perfect fit GreenBoard protective sleeve.

Perfect cut, so that your GreenBoard more layer of protection, thin and light design, with no space out, even if the bag accidentally spilled, but also to protect your GreenBoard in all aspects.

Protective cover used diving fabrics, all new products will have a more thick material odor, it is recommended to unpack and place in the ventilation before use, so that the smell is distributed, and then use.