• Upload your screen to cloud or send it to your friends
  • Long battery life: Up to 7 days (under normal usage). Meet business people’s need.
  • Perfect writing feeling, just like writing on classic paper
  • Autogenous handwriting, record every words and picture you draw clearly.
  • Mirroring showing, users can see the mirroring handwriting on mobile devices.


Writfun W120

  • Writfun W120
  • Stylus
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Cover
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card



  • Size: 135 x 95 x 8 (mm)
  • Weight: 110g
  • Battery: Li-polymer / 3.7V 800mAh
  • Buletooth: 2.4GHz/ 5meters working distence
  • LCD: 4.7”
  • USB: Micro / DC input 5V/500mA
  • Cholesteric LCD panal
  • Resistance Touch panal
  • Connection: Micro USB, Bluetooth
  • System Requirements: ( Windos 7/ iOS 8/Android 6 )or later
Writfun W120
Paperless electronic signature

Green Board wireless electronic board Writfun W120 is a wireless signature board designed for business electronic signature, real writing feeling and precise stroke sensing. It perfectly duplicates the handwritten signature of paper, which is suitable for electronic signature needs of banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. industry.

Real touch and precise stroke sensing
Green Board wireless electronic board Writfun W120 With Bluetooth wireless capabilities, ultra-thin 8mm body good to carry, suitable for business staff to carry, fast wireless tablet with the Tablet, ready to provide customers complete electronic signature program.
Stroke order + voice instructions
Green Board Wireless electronic board Writfun W120 with exclusive action WritFun APP, support for stroke recording mode, one-for-one recording and writing sequence, and simultaneous recording of voice instructions, accurate sensing of real strokes, real-time collection of your inspirational content, so that the concept of clear communication.
Strokes + voice synchronization recording, the concept of the clearest
Green Board Wireless electronic board Writfun W120 Stroke recording function, while recording handwritten stroke content at the same time, want to record each other want to tell the voice message, whether it is the road, explain the problem, or even express blessings, words of concern, can make the idea of a complete transmission of the heart!
Hand-painted map instant sharing
Did you find that the texture is not enough when chatting? Also want to have their own creative funny, nonsensical map it? Green Board Writer's Wi-Fi Writer W120 Instant Share Features Meet Your Imagination! Draw a good painting, a key to share, with a wide range of hand-painted creations full of the entire chat window!
The latest cholesterol LCD panel, extremely thin stroke is unmatched
The Green Board wireless electronic board Writfun W120, powered by the latest cholesteric e-paper, offers the ultimate in responsiveness and handwriting, making it extremely handy to write your handwriting.
PC / Mobile W120 cross-platform support
Green Board wireless electronic board Writfun W120 With flexible mobility and complete system support, support for Bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, support for Windows / iOS / Android and other system devices.
Protection holster intimate design, to provide the most comfortable handwriting perspective
Green Board wireless electronic board Writfun W120 has a dedicated protective holster, in addition to give WriterWin2020 complete protection, its intimate design, as long as the open folded back, you can transform into an exclusive support frame, to provide you the most comfortable handwriting angle .